Essential things you need while travelling

Planning your next vacation? Vacations give us a break from reality. Nothing spoils a good vacation than forgetting essential items. Replacing them hurts your pockets even further. Before you get in the cab going to the airport, make sure you’ve packed these items.

Finances – Don’t be stranded far away from home. We recommend carrying your ATM card. Most places accept Visa and Master card. When visiting another country, make arrangements on how you’ll convert your money to the local currency. Agents at the border take higher commissions and we recommend changing currency at the bank.

Clothes – If you’re a lady carry both sports and regular bras. You’ll also need to carry a light jacket and be prepared for bad weather.
Pajamas – Carry whatever you’re comfortable sleeping in. Sandals and beach shorts come in handy when visiting the beach.

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Sim Card – Being far from your family is not an excuse for failing to stay in touch. You will need to make international calls and SMS. If you’re going to Japan, get a prepaid sim card . There are even global sim cards that work anywhere in the world, err… there must be a network for them to work.

Camera – If you can’t show it, it didn’t happen! They say a picture speaks a thousand words. A camera definitely comes in handy when you want to preserve those precious memories. You can even go a step further and share them on Instagram.

Travel adapters – Sockets in other countries may not always be similar to those at home. You will require a travel adapter before using your laptop and phone abroad. Do your research and find out whether you will require an adapter, converter or both. Luckily, most times an adapter will be enough.

That’s it, folks. This is by no means a comprehensive list.
It’s up to you to decide what you’ll carry in your backpack. Till next time. Remember, if you don’t pack it, you will have to buy it.
Have fun exploring the world.

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